Secret World is proud of the symbiotic relationship it has with many schools, colleges and universities. Secret World Offers 2 types of work experience placement, 1 day per week or a block, full time placement.

To apply you must be at least 16 years of age.

Students gain a unique opportunity to support the team of staff and volunteers to care for British Wildlife casualties, with the aim of reducing suffering, providing rehabilitation and releasing animals back into the wild. In return students can expect a unique experience, learning how to safely handle and transport animals, understand the importance of accurate record keeping and implementing high standards of hygiene and welfare.

Day release work experience placement

Students aged 16 years and above attend 1 day per week to satisfy their course requirements and the 150 hour minimum commitment required by Secret World.

September to March are classed as the quieter months for animal care. Averagely there are around 100 casualties a month during this period, climbing to a peak of over 1000 in June/July. During the quieter months not all activities will be directly working with the animals. People need to be prepared to turn their hand to more maintenance based tasks, such as deep cleaning areas, sorting stock, maintaining enclosures and pathways. This is a good time of the year to begin a training record sheet with the animal care team. There are 4 wildlife courses you can book, which are discounted between 20 – 50% for students.

Block work experience placement

Students aged 16 years and above attend for a minimum of 3 full time weeks. 10 Shifts per week, to include 1 late shift and 1 weekend shift per week.

*16 & 17 year old students are currently not able to do late shifts.

Shift patterns are 8.30 am – 12.30 pm, 1.30 pm – 5 pm and 5 pm – 10 pm, Mon – Sun.

There are 4 wildlife courses, you can book onto those corresponding with your stay. The courses are discounted between 20 – 50% for students.

*Priority will be given to those studying a relative course or qualification.

** We welcome applications from international students and students from across the UK. Secret World’s Internationals have included students from Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Bermuda.

If you are looking to travel some distance to undertake a block placement and need to find accommodation near to Secret World, please follow the recommendations below:


WallEden adventure campsite is just 10 minutes walk from Secret World. WallEden is a beautiful site, with a wide range of good quality accommodation, activities on site and local eateries within walking distance. Speak to Andy and his team about farm house accommodation, prices and availability. 01278 786 488 or

*For group bookings of up-to 6 students, discounts may apply. 

Bedsits – You can search for bedsits in the local area: TA9 3PZ



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