Appeal for a new Wildlife Treatment Centre

From Secret World Wildlife Rescue’s beginning, wildlife casualties and orphans were treated and cared for in our Charity Founder’s, Pauline Kidner’s, farmhouse kitchen. As numbers of admissions grew each year, more and more of her and her husband Derek’s house was converted into animal treatment rooms for deer, badgers, owls, garden birds, hedgehogs, etc.

Over the years the numbers of animals outgrew the space in the farmhouse, and with ever increasing standards of wildlife rehabilitation, the charity recognised the need for purpose-built treatment facilities. Unable to afford a new building, much of the animal hospital rooms were relocated into portacabins on the charity’s-owned grounds next door with the hope that funds would be raised to enable these facilities to be purely temporary.

Several years later this was unfortunately still the case, and staff and volunteers were working in hospital room and office portacabins that were far from adequate for the service we are providing. The facilities were also scattered across the site, making work inefficient and not the best use of our limited resources. 

Our staff and volunteers are providing the highest level of care for the wildlife we are treating, but because of the large number of animal admissions in recent years and the supposed ‘temporary’ portacabin accommodation that was deteriorating with each season, the facilities and working environment that existed for the care and rehabilitation of the animals and for the charity administration were simply no longer appropriate.

We launched this appeal in September 2020 and the response has been overwhelming. At that time our goal was to raise enough to build phase 1 – the main two-storey building – and start work on phase 2 – the wildlife hospital wing.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this dream a reality during these uncertain times. You have given us a new home where wildlife can get the best possible second chance at life.

As of December 2021, we have completed work on the building and it is now operational. There are still a few jobs to finish inside but the animals have been moved in and we’re looking forward to seeing how it all works when the 2022 orphans start arriving. This project is the beginning of a long-term plan to redevelop all of our existing facilities and is very much the foundation of everything else that’s to follow for our charity.

We’re not quite there yet though! There’s still the car park to do before we can start welcoming group visits again for our learning sessions, and some landscaping work to make the environment around the building more wildlife-friendly. Donations to the appeal will help fund this work.

The kind donations and letters of support from our donors have been incredible and really inspiring, helping us push this project along during a very difficult time for everyone. We have included a few photos below so you can see the new building taking shape.

You’re all helping give British wildlife the best possible second chance at life. With a modern, bespoke new treatment centre we can continue providing the highest level of care and make sure that none of our roughly 5,000 annual wildlife casualties have to suffer unnecessarily. We will share this through our well established education program, helping to pass on best practice to other wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary staff across the country.

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The story so far – how our new centre came to life

How you can help

  • By making a donation. Every penny raised will help us reach our target. When individuals sign the Gift Aid declaration we can also claim back 25p for every £1.00 you donate, at no cost to you.
  • Be a fundraising hero! Set yourself a challenge or put on an event, and ask your friends and family for sponsorship. We can help you get it all set up and make it a success
  • Spread the word. Share our campaign on your social media pages, have a chat with any animal lovers you know, or discuss with any groups you’re part of
  • Buy or donate a piece of equipment. Get in touch to find out what we still need
  • Through your workplace. Some companies support local charities, or will give a donation to match your total if you’re doing a fundraiser
  • Corporate Responsibility. By offering corporate support in a number of ways, i.e. making a donation or donating building materials or equipment, an aspect of the project, or adopting us as your Charity of the Year
  • Making an In Memory gift to honour a loved one who was a supporter of our work, or simply a lover of wildlife and nature
  • Consider a Living Legacy, similar to a gift in your will, but enabling you to see the benefit created by your generosity on a visit to Secret World Wildlife Rescue
  • Charities and trusts can provide a grant to support British Wildlife

Donations can be made online using the form above

Donations by post to: Secret World Wildlife Rescue, New Road, East Huntspill, Highbridge, TA9 3PZ

BACS payment: Please contact us for details

Lesley Browne, CEO: direct line 01278 768700

Pauline Kidner, Founder: 01278 768701

Please support our appeal and become part of Secret World Wildlife Rescue’s future.

We provide an essential service to Britain’s wildlife and have been working all through the pandemic. Your generosity can help secure our future. We have already raised the money needed to start building the new centre, and construction began in October 2020. We now need to raise at least £85,000 more to fund the rest of the building. Any additional funds raised through this appeal will be used to replace our ageing rehabilitation block in the next phase of SWWR’s redevelopment.

There will be a mural of animals in the new building which will contain the names of everyone who has donated towards our Wildlife Treatment Centre.

You can read more about the new treatment centre, including plans and sponsorship options, in our appeal brochure.