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From Secret World Wildlife Rescue’s beginning, wildlife casualties and orphans were treated and cared for in our Charity Founder’s, Pauline Kidner’s, farmhouse kitchen. As numbers of admissions grew each year, more and more of her and her husband Derek’s house was converted into animal treatment rooms for deer, badgers, owls, garden birds, hedgehogs, etc.

Over the years the numbers of animals outgrew the space in the farmhouse, and with ever increasing standards of wildlife rehabilitation, the charity recognised the need for purpose-built treatment facilities. Unable to afford a new building, much of the animal hospital rooms were relocated into portacabins on the charity’s-owned grounds next door with the hope that funds would be raised to enable these facilities to be purely temporary.

Several years later this is unfortunately still the case, and staff and volunteers are working in hospital room and office portacabins that are far from adequate for the service we are providing. The facilities are also scattered across the site, making work inefficient and not the best use of our limited resources. 

Our staff and volunteers are providing the highest level of care for the wildlife we are treating, but because of the large number of animal admissions in recent years and the supposed ‘temporary’ portacabin accommodation that is deteriorating with each season, the facilities and working environment that exists for the care and rehabilitation of the animals and for the charity administration are simply no longer appropriate.

The local planners have also stated that they will not renew the planning permission for the portacabins beyond 2021. Improving our facilities for the sake of our animals and people has been a priority for several years but the deadline to move out of the portacabins makes the project much more urgent.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue must now commit to its future and build the Wildlife Treatment Centre that has been so long awaited

Please support our appeal and become part of Secret World Wildlife Rescue’s future.

We provide an essential service to Britain’s wildlife and have been working all through the pandemic. Your generosity can help secure our future. We have already raised around £450,000 which will enable us to start building phase 1 of the new wildlife centre this autumn. We now need to raise at least £400,000 more to fund phase 2. Any additional funds raised through this appeal will be used to replace our ageing rehabilitation block in the next phase of SWWR’s redevelopment.

There will be a mural of animals in the new building which will contain the names of everyone who has donated towards our Wildlife Treatment Centre.

How you can help

  • By making a donation. Every penny raised will help us reach our target. When individuals sign the Gift Aid declaration we can also claim back 25p for every £1.00 you donate, at no cost to you.
  • Corporate Responsibility. By offering corporate support in a number of ways, i.e. making a donation or donating building materials or equipment, an aspect of the project, or adopting us as your Charity of the Year
  • Making an In Memory gift to honour a loved one who was a supporter of our work, or simply a lover of wildlife and nature
  • Consider a Living Legacy, similar to a gift in your will, but enabling you to see the benefit created by your generosity on a visit to Secret World Wildlife Rescue
  • Charities and trusts can provide a grant to support British Wildlife
  • Fundraise for us. Become a part of our work and help us reach new audiences by running a fundraising event and sharing our appeal with your own networks 

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Donation by post to: Secret World Wildlife Rescue, New Road, East Huntspill, Highbridge, TA9 3PZ

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Lesley Browne, CEO: direct line 01278 768700

Pauline Kidner, Founder: 01278 768701