Help Secret World celebrate 25 years

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Secret World Wildlife Rescue. To help celebrate this important Silver Anniversary, we hope that you or someone you know will get involved in this bumper fundraising bonanza of challenge events. If you are able to take on a challenge to help raise funds for Secret World, this will enable the charity to continue its vital work. You can help prevent wildlife suffering needlessly, inspiring an understanding and love of the wildlife and countryside around us.

The Silver Challenge is being led by Mark Wiltshire and Nicki Stewart of Diverse Fine Food, long-time corporate supporters of Secret World. For more details of each event, please click on the title. Team Diverse have designed the hi-tech team wear, so you also have the option of purchasing a swish new running top or warm-up gear (see below).

Secret World will support you with literature, promote your fundraising challenge and help set up a just giving page. We ask that for each challenge you undertake, you raise at least £100 in sponsorship. 

For a list of suggested family fun events, see here.

Date                       Event                                                    Deadline

5 Feb 2017            Longleat 10k                                           Completed

12 Feb 2017          Humdinger Half Marathon                    Completed

4 March 2017         New Zealand Ironman                          Completed

12 March 2017       Bath Half Marathon                              Completed

 26 March 2017      Yeovil Half Marathon                           Completed

2 April 2017           Taunton Half Marathon                        Completed

9 April 2017           Brighton Marathon                             Completed

23 April 2017         London Marathon                               Completed

6 May 2017           Jurassic Beast Cycle                            Completed

14 May 2017         Two Tunnels Half Marathon                 Completed

28 May 2017         Taunton Triathlon                                   Completed

3-4 June 2017       Blenheim Triathlon                             Completed

11 June 2017         Yeovil Marathon                                 Completed

25 June 2017         UK Half Ironman                                 Completed

7-9 July 2017       Long Course Triathlon                         

16 July 2017         Frome Half Marathon                         Completed

22-23 July 2017   London Triathlon                             

30 July 2017         London Ride 100                                   1 place left

20 Aug 2017         Bath Marathon                                      8 July 2017

27 Aug 2017         Battle of Sedgemoor 10K

3 Sept 2017         Bridgwater Half Marathon                    15 August 2017

9-10 Sept 2017   Rat Race Coast to Coast                   

17 Sept 2017     Great Bristol Half Marathon                    

24 Sept 2017       Berlin Marathon                                      3 places left

1 Oct 2017         Cardiff Half Marathon                           15 August 2017

1 Oct 2017         Burnham-on-Sea Half Marathon               

8 Oct 2017         Royal Parks Half Marathon 

15 Oct 2017       Amsterdam Marathon                          3 September 2017

29 Oct 2017       Herepath Half Marathon                           Entries open in May 2017

4 Nov 2017       Gordano Round Marathon                          

2 Dec 2017         Dorset Coastal Marathon                         


Mark and Nicki of Team Diverse proudly display some of the new range of teamwear.

Should you need more information on any of these challenge events, please contact us by email: 

And don't forget that if you are taking part in any of our Silver Challenge events, you can order items of the amazing official team wear. On sale very soon.