Release materials wishlist

The enclosures we use for soft releasing our animals vary between species. From aviaries to electric fencing, we can always use materials to construct and modify our release pens which are often purpose built.

Fox pens

Soft release enclosures for foxes need to be high, with an inward overhang and under-wiring, as foxes can jump, climb and dig very well. To do this, we modify standard Heras fencing with wire flaps at the top and bottom. The bottom flaps can be pegged into the ground with tent pegs, and the top flap is hung from wooden batons which are bolted to the top of the fence panel.
For these panels we require strong wire mesh, tent pegs, cable ties, wooden baton and some rope (or discarded bike inner tube).

Artificial badger setts

Our artificial badger setts consist of 30cm diameter plastic piping, a section of which we will cut out such that the pipe forms the roof and walls of the tunnel whilst the badgers walk on bare soil. Larger piping can be cut into sections to provide chamber walls, which are then covered with wooden boards.
The sett is temporarily enclosed in electric fencing. Donations of fencing equipment are always welcome.


Our aviaries are made of 18 easy to assemble panels, which means they are easy to construct, destruct and transport. As well as an inner and outer door at one end, a release hatch is also installed in the opposite end. Wood, wire and cable ties will enable us to maintain our current aviaries and potentially build new ones.