As well as finding release sites, the other major job involved in releasing wildlife is maintenance, repair and improvement of our pre-release pens. We are currently improving the design of our pre-release pens for foxes, and will also be working on our aviaries and hopefully building some new ones, as well as gathering materials for creating artificial badger setts.

This is one finished panel for a pre-release fox enclosure. Nine of these make up one enclosure for a group of four foxes.


If you can help by donating any of the following materials we'd love to hear from you

  • Wire mesh – 2 inch square or smaller
  • Harris fencing – we use this for the panels of the fox pens. Some of our existing ones urgently need replacing
  • Wood – of decent quality in all shapes and sizes, but most useful would be decent lengths of approximately 50mm square or larger for building and repairing aviaries
  • Inner tubes (from both car and bike tyres) – this may seem a strange request, but we use these for securing the overhang on the fox pens. Lengths of rope and cable ties are also always useful
  • Tools – some of our tools have seen better days or simply don’t exist. Any contributions to the release toolkit are greatly appreciated – especially wire cutters, pliers, saws, loppers, secateurs, spades and so on.
  • Trees and shrubs – we are hoping to set up a nursery for various plants, as some release sites benefit from some habitat enrichment. We would particularly like native species such as hazel, hawthorn, oak, rowan, holly and so on.

Can you donate any of these materials? Give us a call on 01278 783 250 or email our release coordinator Tristan Cooper