Regular Giving

By making a regular gift you can make an ongoing difference to the lives of thousands of sick, injured or orphaned animals that are brought to Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue raises money to enable wild animals that have been injured on our roads, trapped in litter, or found ill and suffering, to be cared for at our rescue and rehabilitation centre in Highbridge, Somerset.

Why regular giving is important

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, these animals can receive treatment, food and care and are given the best possible chance to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild where they belong.

Knowing that we have a steady income stream that we can rely on will help us plan for the future and support those animals which need long-term care for their rehabilitation, such as otters which can be with us for up to 18 months. From the smallest of mice and bats to our larger British mammals and birds of prey to the lesser loved creatures likes snakes, all animals are important to us.

By setting up a regular gift, you can help ensure Secret World Wildlife Rescue is always there to care for British wildlife, day in, day out.

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The difference a gift makes…. where your money goes

Secret World Wildlife Rescue strives to provide the highest standards of care to each and every animal that is rescued, alleviating suffering and providing treatment and dedicated attention, often throughout the night.

From as little as £3 a month, regular gifts help to:
• Contribute to the cost of equipment and vehicles needed to rescue animals
• Provide veterinary treatment and round-the-clock care
• Fund essential hospital and treatment facilities
• Provide appropriate accommodation for recovery and rehabilitation to suit all animal species
• Support successful releases through provision of monitoring technology and on-going research and data collection
• Provide educational programmes for children and adults to raise awareness and promote knowledge and empathy of wildlife, habitats and conservation

By choosing to give a regular monthly donation you will be helping us to plan ahead, provide enrichment for animals under rehabilitation and train more volunteers and rescue drivers to support us during the busiest of times of the year.

Giving on a regular basis allows you to budget your support by spreading the cost over a long period, paying smaller amounts on a monthly basis. You can be confident that by providing this form of ongoing support you are supporting Secret World Wildlife Rescue in the most effective way to guarantee our future.


No gift is too small – it all adds up to make a significant difference to the loves of British wildlife!