Make Do and Mend Appeal

Can you help wildlife with a donation of £25 to our Make Do and Mend Appeal?

Spring is the busiest time of year in wildlife rehabilitation

We’re gearing up for another year saving sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife, with some exciting changes to the way we work.

At the end of 2023 we hired a wildlife vet and registered as a veterinary practice, allowing us to provide more comprehensive care in-house for wildlife.

There are big plans on the horizon, with changes to our site and facilities coming up as soon as we’ve finalised a few details.

Meanwhile we must “make do and mend” existing facilities such as our rehabilitation unit – the Millie Block – which has been in place for over 20 years.

This building was never meant to be used during the winter. It was originally used to create social groups for orphaned badger cubs and fox cubs, prior to them moving into outdoor enclosures.

Pens in the building are also used for a variety of animals from deer, hedgehogs, rabbits, and fawns to name but a few.

With admissions increasing over the years, the Millie Block is now used all year around. This additional wear and tear has taken its toll on the building, and facilities are in need of a refresh.

We need to do this work urgently, so we are prepared for the 2024 orphan season.

The building will eventually be replaced with an improved facility that better meets our needs going forward, including veterinary requirements. However, it’ll take a while before we’ve got the design sorted and we’re in a position to start fundraising for it. Until then, we must make do and mend and ensure the current building will serve us for a few more years.

Worn tiles need replacing with concrete floors for easy cleaning and better drainage. New windows need fitting to provide ventilation and natural light. A dehumidifier system will prevent damp in the colder months.

With the cost of everything going up this year, we can’t pay for all the repairs out of our general funds. That’s why we’re asking for your help today. Can you give £25 to our Make Do and Mend appeal so we can start getting the building ready for this year’s orphans and casualties?

We need to be ready to help roe deer like Berry.

Berry was found at the side of the road and thought to be the victim of a road traffic accident. She was thin, very shaky on her feet with cuts around her eyes, and suffering temporary blindness, a common affliction in injured deer.

The seclusion room in Millie Block was the ideal place for her to recover, with her eyesight returning after a week. Another week in an outdoor enclosure, and she was ready to be returned to her natural home.

A donation of £25 will help provide more animals like Berry with a warm, safe place to recuperate and prepare them for their release back to the wild. Please help sick, injured and orphaned wildlife if you can by supporting this appeal.