Leaving a gift in your will

If like us you have a love and passion for wildlife in the UK, a legacy gift could help conserve our vulnerable British wildlife for future generations, even after you’ve gone.

In the South West, every year thousands of wild animals – including species at risk such as otter, hedgehog, hare and many of our best known birds – are orphaned or injured. Secret World treat and care for these animals to give them the best chance of being released and surviving back in their natural habitat.

A gift in your Will could give the gift of freedom

It is impossible to put a value on the pleasure we get from watching wildlife, even a brief glimpse or sounds we hear at night-time bring delight. However, that enjoyment and appreciation for our British wildlife is being put at risk as human activity – development, traffic, pollution – impinges on wildlife and their habitats.

Animals give so much joy to us throughout our lives. Leaving a legacy to Secret World is the perfect way to give something back to them and help conserve British wildlife for future generations to enjoy. When orphaned or injured animals are brought to Secret World, we do all we can to get them back to health and care for them until they are fit enough to return to the wild.

Legacies and gifts are hugely important to the work we do treating and rehabilitating wild animals, with over half our work being funded by our supporters in this way. Without these people who have left us a gift in their Will, we could not continue to care for the more than 5,000 animals brought to us every year.

How your gift could help

A bequest to Secret World – no matter how large or small – could help in many ways: education, conservation, the environment and wildlife preservation.

  • £500 would help raise 10 orphaned owls and support their release into the wild
  • £1,200 would pay for the special diet and care needed for 10 hedgehogs to overwinter at Secret World
  • £5,000 would fund wildlife education activities for 50 schools to inspire the next generation to protect and conserve our native species and habitats
  • £10,000 would fund a research programme to monitor the behaviour, rehabilitation and successful release of animals back into the wild, with special monitoring and tracking cameras
  • £30,000 would help to install new technology, rehabilitation equipment and animal enclosures to give the animals the best chances of release and survival back in the wild
  • £120,000 would fund 3 months of veterinary treatment and care of animals that arrive at Secret World

To discuss how you can leave a legacy or gift in your Will to Secret World Wildlife Rescue, contact us.