Secret World Wildlife Rescue understands that the veterinary profession, vets and vet nurses, may need help and advice when dealing with wildlife casualties. We are always happy to offer advice directly to veterinary professionals through our normal contact details.

Badger emergency care sheet. In 2013 we produced an information sheet for veterinary surgeons on the Emergency Care of Badgers and this was sent to all vets in the southwest. A copy of this information sheet can be downloaded here.

Shot badger form. A guidance form is available for veterinary surgeons when examining badgers with suspected gunshot injuries, such as might arise within the legal badger cull areas and illegally in other areas. This form can be downloaded here. It should be remembered that where badgers may have been shot outside of the strict licence conditions within the cull areas that this is likely to constitute an offence under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and these cases must be reported immediately to the police.


Secret World Wildlife Rescue often runs courses specifically aimed at veterinary nurses and veterinary surgeons, as well as those for wildlife rehabilitators. For more information regarding these, please see learn-professional development.

BSAVA Nurse Merit Award in British Wildlife

Despite their very important role in caring for British wildlife casualties, Veterinary Nurses receive no specific training in this discipline in their diploma or degree courses as the subject is not included in the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon’s Occupational Standards for the profession.

In order to address this situation, as well as running courses suitable for veterinary nurses, Secret World Wildlife Rescue together with the British Small Animal Veterinary association (BSAVA) have developed the first postgraduate course for veterinary nurses in the care of British wildlife. Ten nurses completed the first course successfully in 2013. Further merit award courses are being run throughout 2017. For more information email: