Six easy ways to help wildlife in your neighbourhood

1. Don’t drop litter – this is harmful to wildlife and farm animals. Animals can digest litter causing internal damage, or they can become trapped for example in a bottle or can. Dispose of litter safely and you are already saving lives.

2. Look and listen! Be aware of the wildlife around you and enjoy it!

3. Always have a shallow dish of fresh water for wildlife particularly in hot weather.

4. Talk to your neighbours about helping wildlife. Hedgehogs need to roam 1-2km in their territories. Can you make a network of accessible gardens for hedgehogs? See Hedgehog Street for more great advice on helping hedgehogs.

5. Plant wildflowers to attract a variety of insects and encourage biodiversity.

6. It’s fun to feed badgers and foxes – but not too much. Just a few peanuts will attract them to your garden. If it’s dry or cold then more food can be helpful for them, but heavy rain will bring plenty of delicious worms to the surface which foxes and badgers can forage for naturally and they won’t become dependent on you for food.

7. Know when to help wildlife and when to let nature be: Be a WildLifesaver