You may be advised to contain a wildlife casualty (such as a bird or small mammal) while you’re waiting for help to arrive. There are a few steps you can then take to make your casualty comfortable.

Carefully place the animal in a box with non-slip bedding like a clean towel, which will help it stay warm. Use a box with a lid so it can’t escape – and remember to put holes in the top to allow your casualty to breathe!

Keep your casualty somewhere warm, dark and quiet. If the container is clear, cover it with a towel or blanket as this will help keep the animal calm. Remember this is going to be a stressful experience for him/her!

Don’t worry about feeding your casualty. You may be advised to leave a small shallow dish of water in the box/container, but this may depend on the condition of the animal and whether help is going to arrive quickly.

Be a WildLifesaver: if you need to contain an injured animal, remember – warmth, dark, quiet