Empower your pupils to care about British Wildlife!

We are committed to creating fun, memorable learning experiences for pupils, which will inspire their curiosity and love of British wildlife.  We help pupils to reconnect with nature and encourage them to discover what they can do to protect the environment.


On-Site Learning

Our curriculum linked sessions, led by our experienced learning team, are interactive, fun and creative. We aim to fill the gaps left by the narrowing curriculum and bring children’s’ natural love for nature to the surface.

Please get it touch to discuss how we can support your curriculum.

  • Fun, hands-on sessions
  • Linked to the national curriculum
  • Onsite education centre
  • Outdoor learning experiences
  • Sessions priced from £2.50 per pupil
  • Choose from 1 hour, half day or full day sessions


Please be aware that we are a working animal hospital.  For the welfare of sick, injured and orphaned animals, we are committed to minimising human contact, so that they can be released back into the wild. Our Education Policy is to encourage empathy with and observation of wildlife in their natural habitats. We do not use live animals in our learning sessions, either on-site or in outreach sessions.


Themes and ideas for your visit:

  • Wildlife rescue workshop
  • Nocturnal animals
  • Nature walk: Seasons
  • Nature walk: Animal signs
  • Art in nature
  • The owl who was afraid of the dark
  • Life cycles
  • Environmental issues (e.g. reuse, recycle, reduce)

Contact our Learning & Engagement Officer to help plan your visit or email learning@secretworld.org


Assemblies and Fundraising

Are you looking for a local charity to support?  Get in touch to find out how we can support your fundraising with:

  • A free inspiring assembly talk from a member of the Secret World team
  • A fundraising pack, including ideas and activity resources
  • Collection boxes

You can also participate in key awareness days like World Animal Day or Earth Day or just set your own special day to enjoy with your pupils and engage them in the fun!

For a school fundraising pack and to arrange an assembly talk, email learning@secretworld.org


Outreach visits

Outreach visits are available to schools in the Somerset, North Somerset and Bristol areas.  Please get in touch with the learning team, learning@secretworld.org, to discuss a visit to your school.


To make a booking:



Learning sessions can be tailored to suit your needs, so do contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.


What information is needed to make a booking?

  • Preferred date (and alternative dates if possible)
  • The topic or session that you are interested in
  • Number and year group of your pupils
  • Contact details, including address, phone number and email
  • Details of any special or additional needs or requirements
  • Learning objectives


Need help funding an extracurricular activity or on-site visit?  Speak to your PTA and see if they can help to finance the activity and transport costs. PTA’s are often looking for projects to fund that develop children’s learning outside of the classroom. You can also ask them to put on a special fundraising event to raise money to support these visits.