Currently, due to social distancing and upcoming construction work, we are not able to take on any work experience students this academic year. If you would like to express an interest in a work experience placement for summer 2021 or September 2021 please email



Secret World Wildlife Rescue offers work experience placements for students aged 18 years old and above on Animal Management and Conservation related courses.

This can be taken either as a block placement or a day release placement.  

Work Experience placements enable students to gain experience and increase their knowledge of the following areas:

  • Animal Handling – From small birds and hedgehogs to large water birds such as swans, birds of prey and mammals including foxes and badgers. This can be at the centre or as part of a rescue using specialised equipment.
  • Food preparation and feeding – Every April through to September we have hundreds of baby birds admitted to the centre that need hand feeding or tube feeding as well as young mammals who can require syringe or bottle feeding (orphan rearing training required). Volunteers also assist with food preparation for adult birds and mammals too.
  • Diseases and treatments – Learn more about specific diseases affecting certain species, how to identify these and how to treat them.
  • Assessing injuries – Learn how to recognise breaks, wounds and other injuries and how these are treated.
  • Enrichment – See how enclosures are designed for different species in order to create an environment suited to a particular species and encourage natural behaviours.


We rely greatly on volunteers and student, especially from April to September when admissions can reach up to 1500 per month.  Therefore we ask that students are reliable and punctual and attend all shifts that they have committed too.  In cases of absences due to illness or other reasons, students must notify us as soon as is practically possible to enable us to arrange cover.


Block Placements

Block placements are for a minimum of three weeks working 40 hours per week over five days.  This may involve weekend or evening work to cover volunteer shortages.  Due to the fluctuation of admissions, block placements are available between April and September when admission numbers are at their highest.  Students on these placements will have the opportunity to work on all four animal care sections and also to shadow our reception team to learn more about the rescue and admissions process and the reasons behind casualties being brought to the centre.  These placements are suitable for all students studying both locally and further afield.  We do not have accommodation on site but there are several accommodation providers within easy reach of us that we can put you in contact with.


Day Release Placements

Day release placements are suitable for those studying at colleges nearby and allow for students to attend on a set day each week from 8am – 5pm, volunteering on a particular animal care section to begin with, with the option of moving on to a different section later on to gain a wider experience.  These placements are available all year round and require a minimum commitment of 150 hours regardless of course requirements. Priority will be given to those able to continue volunteering with us throughout our busiest period finishing in August/September or those who are able to volunteer on weekends.












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Students living or studying within easy reach of the centre will be asked to attend a short introduction session prior to your placement being confirmed.  We will then ask you to attend a half day training session before starting on regular shifts.  For those applying from further afield, we may hold a short telephone interview with you if you are unable to attend an introduction session before confirming your placement and integrate your training into the first day of your block placement.

For any other enquiries regarding placements please contact