Major Supporters are long-term partners who connect with our cause to help achieve a shared goal: to treat and care for injured and orphaned wild animals and promote empathy and knowledge of wildlife and nature in our local communities.

As a Major Supporter, we engage with you as a person first and foremost. We realise that you provide this level of support to Secret World because of your interest and belief in the work we do, so keeping you informed and involved in our frontline work is high on our priority list.

Your commitment to making a difference is important to us and we are committed in return to showing you the impact your support makes to the lives of the animals we care for and to the attitudes and behaviour of the children (and adults!) we educate.


How we recognise and appreciate your significant contribution to Secret World:

  • Your name (or organisation name) could be attributed to an enclosure, piece of equipment or hospital room
  • You may request an ‘impact report’ specifying how your valued contribution has been used to make a difference to the lives of animals and the work of Secret World
  • You will be invited to special events where you will see the work you fund and speak to front-line staff. You may even get the opportunity to attend an animal release.
  • You will be invited to give specific talks, particularly to College and University students who are engaged with the work of Secret World.

With grants from charitable trusts and foundations and significant gifts from individual donors, Secret World can continue providing vital services for wild animals, as well as sharing knowledge and inspiring children.

For further information about how you can make a special connection with Secret World, or to discuss how we can recognise your significant gift, please contact Pauline Kidner, Charity Founder, on 01278 783260 or email