Donations in lieu of flowers

Many people ask for donations instead of flowers at a funeral, as cut flowers fade and die so quickly.  Donating to a favourite cause can be of lasting benefit for a charity such as ours. Most funeral directors are happy to arrange such collections and forward the donations onto us.


Memorial trees

In the grounds at Secret World Wildlife Rescue we have a special memory walk, where we can plant a hardwood tree, with a memorial plaque beside it, in memory of your loved one.


Memorial benches

We can also offer the opportunity to have a memorial bench situated in the grounds. Please get in touch if you would like this so we can talk to you about options and locations.


Memorial plaques

In our courtyard, we have a special memory board for plaques dedicated to people who, during their lifetime, have shared our love of wildlife.


Online tributes

This a lovely way to really celebrate the life of someone you have cared deeply about. Through web sites such as or you can create a lasting tribute, inviting friends and family to contribute photos, videos, and stories to the site as well as being able to fundraise in someone’s memory.


If you would like more information about any of these ways to donate in remembrance of your loved one, please contact us on 01278 783250 or email us at