How your money makes a difference:

  • £3  covers the cost of caring for a recovering baby bird for a week
  • £10  will feed one adult otter for a day
  • £20 will allow us to  place a deer, injured in a road collision, on a drip
  • £50 will enable us  to x-ray an otter or badger hit by a car
  • £80 will cover the care of  an underweight hedgehog over the winter
  • £150 would pay for an operation on a swan that has swallowed discarded fishing tackle
  • £350 is the cost of purchasing one incubator for an orphan
  • £1000 is the total cost of rescuing an orphaned badger cub and caring for this animal through to release back into the wild

Please donate whatever you can – every penny makes a difference.  And, thank you for anything you can give.

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