The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018

Giving this Christmas means a whole lot more!

Secret World Wildlife Rescue has joined The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge 2018 with our “Keeping animals warm and safe this winter” campaign and we need your help to reach our target.

The Big Give is a matched funding campaign run on between 27th November & 4th December when online public donations are doubled. We are thrilled to announce that Secret World has been awarded matching Champion Funds for our Big Give campaignThis means that, together with our pledge funds, we have £3,900 in the match fund pot!

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The campaign: Keeping animals warm and safe this winter

Wildlife casualties arrive at Secret World with an immediate need for warmth & fluids. Providing care and hibernation facilities, specialist food, heat and veterinary treatment to hundreds of wildlife casualties over the winter period, is vital to give them the best chance of survival and release. 

Extreme temperatures are always a challenge for wildlife. Heat exhaustion and dehydration in summer; starvation and cold in winter. Here at Secret World we are preparing for the winter months ahead to treat hundreds of animals who will be brought to our centre in need of treatment and care. 

We need to be ready during the winter months to help animals displaced by flooding or unable to find food due to snow, cold or prolonged rainfall. Hibernating animals can be disturbed during building or garden maintenance done during winter months. Hedgehogs are at particular risk, numbers of which have plummeted in recent years. 

Our campaign “Keeping animals warm and safe this winter” will help to raise vital funds to ensure animals in need are given a place of safety and warmth when they need it the most.

Read more about our project here and click on the Donate Now button during the campaign week to help wild animals like Otis recover and get fit for life back in the wild.

We will soon be starting our countdown to the online campaign which runs for just one week from midday 27th November to midday 4th December.

Our target for online donations during the The Big Give’s Christmas Challenge 2018 campaign week is £3,900 which will be doubled by the match fund during this week only.

Donations made to our project  will be doubled during the campaign. If you would like to support our work this year, we highly recommend doing so during the Christmas Challenge via when your donation (minimum of £5) will be doubled and make even more of a difference to us.  However, if you would prefer to donate off-line, by cheque or credit card, you can do that too by posting directly to Secret World or giving us a call.

With your help we can reach our overall target of £7,800