Our Appeals and Highlights help raise vital funds for the treatment and care of wildlife casualties

Appeal for a new Wildlife Treatment Centre

‘Every Penny Counts’ appeal for new Wildlife Treatment Centre  We hope you have stayed safe and coped throughout the lockdown. It has been a difficult time for Secret World Wildlife Rescue but fortunately we were designated an ‘essential service’ and were able to keep our doors open to casualties every day throughout. However, we needed to furlough some staff to reduce our costs because we had to cancel all our planned fundraising events for 2020. Also, many of our … Continued

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A Second Chance for Wildlife

Dear Friend   A Second Chance for Wildlife In another couple of months Secret World will be buzzing with the arrival of the orphan season, from baby birds needing to be fed every hour during daylight to, even more tiring, baby mammals that need regular feeds through the night as well! However, our Wildlife Release … Continued

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