To prevent British wildlife suffering needlessly and inspire in everyone an understanding and love of wildlife and the countryside

How we deliver our vision

  • We provide a rescue service caring for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife
  • We rehabilitate the animals in our care and return them to the wild wherever possible
  • We are a respected source of expertise and centre of excellence where British wildlife can receive the best care
  • We inspire learning about the world of British wildlife, encouraging everyone to discover what they can do to protect it

Our values

Rescue · Rehabilitate · Release

  • Animal welfare is at the heart of what we do
  • Secret World is a place of safety for wildlife
  • We are there for British wildlife, no matter what the species, to give expert care and rehabilitation

Sharing knowledge

  • We champion our expertise and enthusiasm with the public and other professionals
  • By engaging the public in learning about British wildlife, we help them reconnect with nature and encourage protection of its heritage


  • We are focused on using our resources wisely and celebrate the vital contribution of our supporters
  • We respect and appreciate the devotion and passion of our volunteers and staff, recognising that each individual has an important role to play