Veterinary professionals

Secret World Wildlife Rescue understands that the veterinary profession, vets and vet nurses, may need help and advice when dealing with wildlife casualties. We are always happy to offer advice directly to veterinary professionals through our normal contact details regarding protocols or emergency care procedures.Read more

Scientific projects and consultations

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is keen to encourage appropriate scientific research that directly or indirectly benefits the animals we care for, provided this research does not in any way negatively impact upon them.Read more

Publications and presentations

Secret World Wildlife Rescue frequently attends and presents work at scientific conferences both nationally and internationally. Click on the image below to read more.Read more

Bovine tuberculosis

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is especially recognised both nationally and internationally for its work with badgers, caring for adult animals and rearing badger cubs. We work hard to promote responsible and scientific rehabilitation practices regarding the testing of badgers for bovine tuberculosis.Read more