Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release

 (SWWR Certificate in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release - Course 4)

One thing that sometimes is not considered well enough by wildlife rehabilitators is the eventual release of a wildlife casualty after it has been treated.  After all the time and effort in getting the animal better it must have the best possible chance of survival when released. Fitness for release means being physically fit and this does not just include medical factors. Pre-release assessment, release criteria and other factors such as seasonality and weather conditions will be discussed.

Secret World has its own Release Co-ordinator, Tristan Cooper, who undertakes many of the releases. Much of his work finding sites is during the winter, which involves surveying potential sites for their suitability for releases. Tristan will discuss how he does this and some of the problems he encounters when finding release sites.

Once the animal is fit for release it must be safely transported to the release site and the appropriate technique used. ‘Hard’ and ‘soft’ release techniques used at SWWR will be discussed.

After lunch we will discuss post release monitoring techniques with practical sessions using trail cameras, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and building artificial setts.

  Lecturers:- Tristan Cooper (Release Manager SWWR), Pauline Kidner (Founder SWWR)

This is a full day course, so please bring your own packed lunch; there are also facilities for heating food.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided throughout the day. 

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