Assessment and first aid in wildlife casualties

(SWWR Certificate in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release - Course 3)

This course is for people who have already attended the Secret World Wildlife Rescue (SWWR) Introduction to wildlife rehabilitation and release course (Course 1) and wish to develop their skills further. This course forms part of the SWWR Certificate in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release.

In this day course we will discuss how to assess and examine animals at admission. Triage is the process by which we decide which animals we can successfully treat and release and which we need to euthanase. Triage decisions are often medical and involve our veterinary staff. We will discuss how to make triage decisions and some techniques that can be used for euthanasia.

First aid is the care provided to stop a casualty from deteriorating further. We will discuss the principles of first aid and some first aid techniques.

After lunch we will cover medical treatments that your vet may dispense, how to store, administer them and what the broad groups of drugs are for. There will then be a session specifically on bandaging and wound care.

The use of cadavars (dead bodies) gives those attending the chance to examine, bandage and practice medicine administration techniques on real animals. Involvement with this is voluntary but it does give a unique opportunity to develop practical skills with tuition.

 Lecturers:-  Liz Mullineaux (Scientific Advisor and veterinary surgeon SWWR), vet nurse TBC

This is a full day course, so please bring your own packed lunch; there are also facilities for heating food.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided throughout the day. 

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