Introduction to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation

(SWWR Certificate in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release - Course 1)

This course is for people wishing to know more about wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and introduce them to some of the methods we use at Secret World Wildlife Rescue (SWWR). This course forms the basis and introduction to the SWWR Certificate in Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release.

In this course we discuss the ethics of wildlife care and the effects human intervention can have both on the casualty animal and potentially upon other wildlife and people.

We will discuss the kinds of equipment that we use at SWWR to capture and rescue animals and show how to undertake rescues in common situations. Health and safety is important both for the rescuer and for others involved. As a rescuer you take on a personal responsibility for others, we will advise you on some suitable equipment and precautions to keep everyone safe.

Before lunch there will be a tour of SWWR, a chance to see behind the scenes accompanied by our staff members.

In the afternoon the basic principles of orphan care and rearing will be discussed, with opportunity to see the types of equipment we commonly use.

The day will end with a discussion of the common species we see, how to identify them and some of the problems we encounter in them.

 This is a full day course, so please bring your own packed lunch; there are also facilities for heating food.  Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided throughout the day. 

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