Help us care for the most vulnerable this winter

Winter is a tough time for British wildlife. Freezing temperatures and a lack of food can be perilous for sick and injured birds and mammals. That's why the work of Secret World Wildlife Rescue is so important.

Each year we look after more than 5,000 wildlife casualties, many of which come to us over the winter period. Employed and voluntary staff in our hospital rooms, provide intensive care for orphans, juvenile and adult casualties throughout the holiday period and into the New Year.

This time of year is especially difficult for hedgehogs. Decreasing availability of food, means that many will not gain enough weight to survive over winter. More than 500 Hedgehogs have been admitted over the year and it costs £10 per Hedgehog, per week, to provide them with food and rehabilitation.

Badger cubs are usually one of the first orphan casualties to arrive at the centre in the New Year. The weaning process takes around 12 weeks to complete and after health checks and monitoring, they progress onto solid foods in a more natural outdoor environment, with reduced human contact. £30 covers the cost of this care, for each orphaned badger, each week.

Some of our baby birds need feeding as often as every 30 minutes. With each £4 donated, we can provide care for a baby bird for a week.

What ever you may be able to donate, your support will help us help care for the most vulnerable of creatures, nursing them back to fitness and releasing them back into the wild once more. The sick and injured animals we help can’t thank you in person, so on their behalf let us offer you sincere thanks and appreciation for your support. 

Please help us look after British wildlife this winter. Give the most precious gift of all: the gift of life. Help us care for the most vulnerable.

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All for the best for 2017 from
Secret World Wildlife Rescue