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Help for wildlife

Secret World is working full pelt at the moment with all the rooms overflowing with birds calling for feeds and an assortment of bats, hedgehogs and weasels to name but a few. The badger and fox cubs are out in the enclosures and the fawns are in their paddock. It is a busy time of year as most of the 5,000 casualties come in from April to October.

Many of you will not realise that last year the RSPCA notified all wildlife centres and vets that they would no longer be responding to calls for wildlife that were the size of rabbits and smaller. Members of the public are told to take the animal to the vets or nearest wildlife centres. The RSPCA will only respond for badgers, foxes or deer. This has placed a lot of pressure on everyone trying to help wildlife.

Since the start of 2024 Secret World has increased its open times now being open from 6am to 12 midnight every day. The hours 12 – 6am are covered by an advice line. Secret World is now a veterinary practice with a part-time vet. We are doing our best but desperately need volunteers to help bring animals into us or to take casualties to vet surgeries. The ruling is that injured animals should go the shortest distance for care and being asked to do this, people have interpreted the ask to take them to the nearest vet, as ‘aren’t interested’ or ‘don’t care’ which is so upsetting for the staff – all doing long hours on top of caring for orphans.

I am appealing to anyone with a few hours who maybe able to help us. It’s not just caring for the casualties or transporting them, it’s things like keeping up with all the washing and drying so that there are enough clean towels and bedding for pens when they are cleaned out. Even if it is just until September – morning, afternoon or evening would be such a help. If you would like to join our team, please ring Gemma Payton who trains all our volunteers.

You can contact Gemma by phone on 01278 768704 or email


Pauline Kidner May 31st 2024

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