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Prickly November

It’s that time of year that animal lovers worry about their hedgehogs. Females who have had a late birth of hoglets will sometimes desert them as there is little time for them to get up to hibernation weight of 600gms. It is more important for them to put weight on themselves to survive the winter to be able to breed again next year, mind you the lovely weather we have been having recently, the cold days seem a long way away.

If the hedgehogs are coming in for food at the moment, then they should be ok but hedgehogs, especially tiny ones, wandering around during the day usually need to come in to be assessed. Remember to check any bonfires that you are going to have in case they have appealed to a hedgehog thinking it is a suitable site for a hibernaculum.

Twins tucking in 

We can release hedgehogs once they have reached the correct weight during mild spells in the winter as they don’t sleep solidly through the cold months, often moving from one site to another to hibernate. The sooner we can get the hedgehogs out the better for them away from other infections that other animals may bring into the centre.

We have got a blonde hedgehog in receiving care, this is a honey-coloured hedgehog with red eyes and a pink nose. They do occasionally come into the centre but on the island of Alderney, 80% of their hedgehogs are blondes and you can even stay in the Blonde Hedgehog Hotel on the island!

Blonde Hedgehog 

Secret World will be busy with hedgehogs all through winter as we usually take in between 500 – 600 each year. There is a distinct smell to hedgehogs, and I always fancy they are able to pass twice the volume of what they eat! I think this is why people who try to look after them at home soon ring and say – ‘perhaps you ought to look after it and we can collect it in the spring’. We are always happy to check them over, so any concerns, give us a ring. Tel: 01278 783250

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