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Warning: article contains graphic images

Secret World Wildlife Rescue are very sorry to report that at least 5 swans have been killed on the new power lines in Mark that were recently installed. The power lines started to be replaced last year from Hinkley Point through to Loxton. Usually, National Grid will put bird flight diverters on the lines so birds can see them, but there is nothing on these new ones.

When the swans collide with the line, it is usually an instantaneous death because of the power surge. We have always gone out to a swan if it has collided with a power line and depending on how burnt they are, we are sometimes able to save them. However, this is the first time we have been out to multiple deaths with images that were quite shocking. We hope that Hinkley Point and National Grid will react quickly to this problem. It is so sad that swans that have already been affected by Avian flu and are now suffering due to unmarked power lines.

One swan found near the dead swans, was assessed at the site by an animal carer. Fortunately, it was uninjured but was probably just staying in the area as its mate was one of the dead ones. The bodies were moved into a nearby hedge, and the surviving swan was left in the field as it is an area where the juvenile and single swans stay together through the winter. However, with more power lines, we are concerned that it will not be a happy ending. With so many swans already lost through by Avian flu, this added danger to them is so sad.

We want the National Grid to realise the urgency over this because of the amount of swans in the area. Something needs to be done.

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