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This is the day that occurs in March when we thank our Mum for all that she has done for us. It’s slightly different these days as most mothers will still be working whereas in the last century, she was the person who stayed at home, kept the house tidy, cooked all the meals and was the centre of the home. Now Mum and Dad take those tasks on together but it’s important that children realise what parents give up to be the home maker and as the children grow older, that the parents take on the unpaid job of a taxi at all hours!

Certainly, for our staff and volunteers being a ‘foster mum’ to wildlife orphans is very labour intensive but short lived as most wildlife become self-sufficient in a matter of weeks – unlike human offspring that can even still be at home or bringing their washing in when they are in there 20’s or older! Even so you can get very tired from broken nights and constant care.

Otter cub
Young thrush

But that care given to wildlife orphans is the same as humans – in that that the care needs to be always the same, for them to create a bond that youngsters are safe, warm and fed. Those intensive weeks means that you do have a love for those babies while they are in your care. Once weaned there is the careful stage of breaking that bond, making them more independent and eventually self-sufficient so that they can survive when they finally get released. Because we have put so many hours in rearing these young animals, we soft release them, which means that they will be taken to their release site but placed in a temporary enclosure or aviary. They remain in these for several weeks to get used to their surroundings with landowners feeding them every day. When they finally have the gates left open, the juvenile animals can leave but also return for food until they are capable of foraging naturally. That rearing programme should start with the aim of letting them go. It may be that they would be safer in a pen for the rest of their lives, but freedom is the one thing that they will crave and if you love them, you will let them go.

Badger cub

Just how much support do our children get to be ready for independence? Do we teach them about cooking, money management, life skills – like changing a plug on an item? And when should that learning process start? Being a parent isn’t easy but the process is the same. Support while it’s needed and eventually an independent life. Just as our orphan mammals look back to say thank you when we release them and birds fly a circuit as a thank you before disappearing into the distance, saying thank you to your mum on Mothering Day is so important. Once a mum, you will always be a ‘mum’ even when your children are in their 60’s or older!

Fox cub

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