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The trouble with wildlife orphans is that they come every year. With a human baby, they grow out of things before they wear out. Can you help us buy what we need before the spring orphan season starts, please?

Orphaned little owl during treatment

2 rolls of vet bed will be 10 metres of soft fleece that keep our babies dry and warm. As with all babies, we need sterilising equipment, feeding bottles, Tommee Tippee bottle warmers and thermometers.

The specialist milk powder, reviving fluid and nutritious food that is easily digestible is expensive but paramount in making some babies recover. They often come in cold, wet, and dehydrated from being without food – sometimes for many days.

Our launderette will be going full pelt come the spring using over 70 x 4kg boxes of non-bio washing powder. That’s over 4,000 wash cycles every year with dryers needed all year round. Kitchen roll is another commodity used in vast quantities to line bird nests, wipe up spills, and when shredded they make lovely soft bedding for small mammals. We use around 2,500 kitchen rolls every year!

‘Jubilee’ the rabbit, one of 2022’s orphans

Feeling much better after some love and care

We also need to kit out our bird room with portable incubators so we can maximise space. Most of these incubators are used by our foster ‘mums’ as transport when taking babies home. They are just the right size to take a nest of baby birds, keeping them safe from infection. The incubators stack so will fill the space under the larger cages which the birds move into once they have fledged and start to feed themselves.

We know it’s tough for everyone at the moment with the cost of living going up, so any help you can give wildlife at this time is greatly appreciated. Please scroll a little further to find the appeal donation form. We also welcome cheque donations by post; please include a note with your details and mention that the donation is for our spring appeal.

I am always available if you would like to discuss the charity and how your support is helping wildlife.

With best wishes,

Pauline Kidner

Charity Founder and Advisor

Brinsea TLC-30 incubators, perfect for orphaned animals

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