Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) appeal

Maintaining a five acre site while minimising disruption for the animals in our care

Space is very important for some of the species of wildlife we care for. After spending time in our hospital rooms and rehabilitation unit, many animals are moved to large outdoor enclosures where they can ‘be wild’ with minimal human interaction. This is particularly important for orphaned animals who need to learn how to survive outdoors. To give animals the space they need, our site is spread across five acres.

Enclosures require a lot of upkeep and regular maintenance to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. With previous grant support, we purchased a diesel-powered UTV to assist a member of our maintenance team with mobility problems. The vehicle’s off-road capabilities and ability to transport heavy loads proved hugely valuable and it is still in use today, saving our team a great deal of time and effort.

After years of service, the time has come to replace the vehicle. It is suffering from various electrical problems and a faulty gearbox, and repairs are becoming uneconomical. After exploring a few options, we have settled on an all-electric vehicle like our current one. There are a few reasons behind this choice:

A vehicle like the one we plan to purchase
  • Though cheaper, a quad bike and trailer is less manoeuvrable and does not have capacity for a passenger
  • A UTV is also safer, having a reinforced roof/roll cage and operating like a car
  • Electric models, though not as powerful, are more affordable than diesel models and sufficient for our needs
  • An electric vehicle will be quieter (current vehicle is very noisy), cheaper to run, and reduce carbon footprint
  • Easy to charge – this model uses a standard 3-pin plug so no need for additional vehicle charging station

It’s not just our maintenance team who benefit from having a vehicle like this. It allows our animal carers to move bulky and heavy items around the site such as badger cages, animal food, large containers of disinfectant and more. Our fundraising team also find it a big help on open weekends, using it to transport gazebos, picnic tables, cones, and boxes of fundraising materials.

The UTV makes our charity more efficient, reducing the need for multiple trips with wheelbarrows and giving our staff more time to focus on more important tasks. It also saves staff and volunteers the effort of carting heavy items around manually, saving their energy for the rest of the day and reducing the chance of injuries occurring.

The added environmental benefits of having a new electric vehicle are very important to us. Everything in the natural world is connected and caring for the environment goes hand in hand with caring for wildlife. The quieter vehicle will also benefit animals in our care as it will enable us to minimise noise disruption around enclosures.

If you are able to help us with the cost of replacing the vehicle we will be very grateful. If your company is looking to support this appeal then please do get in touch so we can discuss ways your contribution can be publicly acknowledged.