The last two years have been a real period of ups and downs but now it really does look as if life will eventually return to normal with maybe lessons as to what really is the most important thing in our lives. For us that has to be your health and the countryside that so many people have turned to, in order to brighten their days.

We truly would never have believed, that at this time in 2021, we have survived as a charity and amazingly our new Treatment Centre is nearing competition. We have been able to work all the way through the pandemic helping wildlife and been blessed with very few situations requiring isolating.

We have had to keep our sense of humour with the added meetings for the new build having to make decisions on electric points, decorations, kitchen units and floor coverings which are just some of the many things that had to be discussed. The staff and volunteers have been amazing too working sometimes without electricity, water, phones and lots of mud, often without being given any notice – at least they all happened one at a time!

It really is the Last Final Push before completion! With luck we shall be moving into our new home in October and we are all getting very excited at the prospect. We have to find the last of the funds that we need for the build and obviously there will be many things needed for the new wildlife rooms.

We can’t thank you enough for all the support you have shown us over the years and, if you can help to donate, we would be so grateful.

However, we have all experienced a lot of difficulties over the past few months and you must consider your own security which must come first.

We hope that we shall have the chance to meet you in 2022 when hopefully our open days will once again take place. It has been so strange not to see all the familiar faces on site. You will be amazed at the changes that will make so much difference to the care we can give our casualties. The new treatment centre will mean we can all work in a way that will be both effective and efficient.

With Best Wishes,

Lesley Browne – CEO

Pauline Kidner – Charity Founder and Advisor

Please can you help us with the last push in our fundraising for our new Treatment Centre? The final amount to be raised is £50,000 but we will need the following items for each of our seven wildlife rooms:

  • £20 for a kettle

  • £50 for a microwave

  • £70 for a commercial mop and bucket, broom, two buckets, washing-up bowl, brush and dustpan

  • £120 for a fridge

  • £300 for an animal pod