Spring is always a very busy time for us as it brings a large number of orphaned animals that need our care and attention. Orphans make up around 30-40% of our total admissions through Spring and Summer, so there are lots of little mouths to feed.

This year is no exception, but we’ve also got another big task to deal with: the construction of our new wildlife treatment centre. Our old car park is currently a building site and we’re having to work with a lot of disruption: whether it’s moving our entire reception into a temporary portacabin, regular power outages or dodging big trucks, our staff have a lot to deal with before they even see an animal!

We’re very pleased to say that the build is coming along well thanks to the incredibly generous donations from our supporters, plus the huge effort our team are putting in every day. We are still fundraising for the build – more details on our appeal page, click here  – but we have been able to cover the cost of the external building work plus some of the internal work. We’ve put together some of our favourite photos of the work so far, which we hope you will enjoy. It still feels like a dream and we’re not quite sure how we’ve been able to come this far during a pandemic, but as you can see the new building is very much a reality now!