April 2020

Mange Brothers

Three male foxes have been rescued from a garden in Fishponds, Bristol. These were born last year and didn’t disperse, they’re all quite content living together and sharing gardens. When the call came in we weren’t sure if we would catch them all but we were able to after two weeks of trapping. Fox trapping can be quite complicated if it’s more than one fox so catching three is a great success, all caught by one dedicated volunteer with the support of the homeowner. One had to be treated with antibiotics on arrival because the wounds from the mange had become infected. Normally treating for mange takes around 2 weeks, they receive 3 injections, lots of food, rest and warmth for a quick recovery. They will all be released back to the area they know and love, hopefully they will have built up a natural immunity to mange now. Here is a picture of one of the foxes in the homeowners garden and how he looked nearly ready for release.

Tough Tawny Owl

This Tawny was trapped in netting in a garden in Frome. The people managed to free it and took it to the vets for them to check him and continue to free his legs. He was transferred to Secret World the same day. He is probably helping to rear chicks at this time of year so he needs to get back home quickly. His legs are still swollen so he will need a couple of days continued pain killers and we will try to release him back to his home at the end of the week.

Otter Update

The Otters are doing well, they’re fierce now! As soon as they moved from milk to fish they didn’t want people near them so that’s really positive. They have moved in too our outside otter pen this month where they have a nice big pool and we provide them with lots of enrichment because they’ll be in there for nearly a year. This is one of them with his nostrils flaring, trying to understand what’s happening. They have loved being outside in the lovely spring weather they’re enjoying their big pool every night.

Badger Badger Badger

We have three orphaned Badger cubs with us. They all came in from different places and were all in a bad way. They’re doing much better now. We have Marleen and Monty who are still drinking their milk from a bottle and we have Pip who’s on solid food. They’re living in the same room but in separate pens until they’ve have their TB tests, then they will be grouped and eventually released together.

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