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It has been a busy week for admissions this week, with 172 animals coming to our centre for help. We are open 365 days a year to help British wildlife, and no matter how big or small they are Secret World is a place of safety for them. Of the 172 animals we have seen this week 45 were orphaned birds. These are placed in incubators in our hospital room, and keep staff very busy as they have to be fed every hour! It is always very loud in around feeding time, with all the baby birds chirping for their food!

One hedgehog who was caught in litter



We had a hedgehog bought in this week that had plastic round his neck. Plastic and other forms of rubbish is so dangerous to wildlife, and we see many instances where wildlife has suffered at the hands of people who have dropped litter.







Our lovely resident birds of prey have also been busy this week. These are birds that have been hand reared and are too dependent on humans to be released. They live onsite, and are ambassadors for our charity, visiting care homes and other places in the community. This week they went to Tudor Lodge residential home with Sheila and Sue, two of our bird handlers. Star, our tawny owl, and Shadow, our barn owl, also met children from Culverhill School who were on site for an educational visit. It is so lovely to see how much people enjoying meeting our birds, and we love giving people the chance to get up close to these beautiful animals. We have a new Facebook page for our resident birds, where you can learn all about them, and find out where they will be going in the community. Just search ‘Secret World’s Resident Birds of Prey’ on Facebook.


This week our team released 18 animals back to the wild, where they belong. This included a long eared bat, a swift, and a few hedgehogs. It is always a lovely feeling seeing these animals recover and get their freedom back. This is the reason we all do what we do!



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