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Our learning programme for schools, Wildlife Academy school holiday activities, adult courses and special events aim to engage and inspire a love for British wildlife

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Found an Injured Animal?

Please call our advice line on 01278 783250 if you have any concerns regarding injured wildlife. Please see our helpful guide on how to help injured wildlife and what you should do.

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How You Can Help

Donate now to rescue sick and injured wildlife and give them a chance to return to the wild. From fundraising and volunteering to donating gifts in kind and adopting an animal, you can get involved to make a difference and help British wildlife.

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We are only open to the public on specific days, please check our events page for those times.

Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release

Please call our advice line on 01278 783250 if you have any concerns regarding injured wildlife

Preventing British wildlife suffering needlessly and inspiring an understanding and love of wildlife and the countryside.

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Our on-site events and courses allow you to get an insight into the work we do here at Secret World

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SWWR Christmas Auction

November 29

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Bidding on all items ends at 9pm on Sunday 29th November It may only be November but we’re already getting into the Christmas spirit! After an amazing special auction in October in place of our cancelled annual auction and ball, we’re back with a range of festive items and gift ideas that are bound to … Continued

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SWWR Autumn raffle - win £500!

November 30

Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Entries close at midnight on Monday 30th November Following the success of our Spring raffle, we’re back with an even better selection of prizes. We’re currently raising funds to build a brand new wildlife treatment centre at our site in Somerset, and all of the money we raise from this raffle* will be put towards … Continued

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Secret World News

Latest News from Secret World Wildlife Rescue

THANK YOU to all our loyal supporters!


THANK YOU to all our loyal supporters
On behalf of all at Secret World, please accept our most sincere thanks to everyone who continued to support us during these difficult months. Because of you, and our dedicated team of staff and volunteers, we’ve been able to keep our doors open for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife every day throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the beginning of the lockdown in March, we admitted close to 2,000 animals and helped hundreds more by providing telephone advice about caring for wildlife casualties to members of the public and veterinary practices when people were unable to travel to bring animals into Secret World.

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has continued to send in donations, participated in our virtual fundraising events, bid on our online auctions, or even just sent in messages of support to keep up our morale. We’ve been able to care for wildlife that needs our help because people like you have continued to remember Secret World Wildlife Rescue throughout these difficult months. Thank you so much for your support.

Lesley (CEO), Pauline (Charity Founder), Laura (Head of Animal Care) and all the SWWR team
July 2020


A Second Chance for Wildlife

Dear Friend


A Second Chance for Wildlife

In another couple of months Secret World will be buzzing with the arrival of the orphan season, from baby birds needing to be fed every hour during daylight to, even more tiring, baby mammals that need regular feeds through the night as well!

However, our Wildlife Release Manager, Jamie is already busy as it’s his job to find new homes for our orphans. Adult animals always go back to where they came from but orphans would naturally have to find new territories. Can you help us ensure that there will be homes ready for the orphans? Can you help us keep Jamie on the road with the costs of running our 4 x 4 animal ambulance? We also need the right equipment, such as catching nets, badger cages or wood and netting which is necessary to build new temporary pens.


Jamie’s work starts months before the animals arrive at Secret World because release sites for deer, foxes, badgers and otters have to be surveyed and prepared. This is done during the winter months when all the vegetation has died back and it is possible to see tracks and signs of animals that live within the territory. For badgers, this is really important as we cannot release them where other badgers are already living.. It may be that the site is suitable for badgers but it doesn’t contain a disused badger sett or old rabbit warren that the badgers can dig out to make their new home. If this is the case then an artificial sett needs to be created by the Secret World release team and allowed to mature through the summer months, ready to be a suitable home when it is needed in the autumn.

 In the summer and the autumn we need to have temporary aviaries and enclosures in the release locations to move casualties out to once they are in good condition, to enable them to become fit and ready for release. Without these temporary release pens, it means that we would soon  become full on our site and would be unable to take in any further injured or orphaned animal admissions. Also, extra costs for feeding and care are incurred when animals stay on site longer than necessary, so it’s really important to have release sites ready early in the year

  Once ready for release back into the wild, we have to create temporary ‘soft release’ enclosures for foxes and deer to enable them to get used to their new environment before they are given their freedom. Once fully released, they also know that they can return to these enclosures for food that is supplied by Secret World or the landowner until they become self-sufficient. Similarly, pop up aviaries are used as temporary ‘soft release’ enclosures for garden birds and birds of prey. These fold-down to be transported  to the release site, but we always need more of these to ensure birds are released  as quickly as possible. 



We have found from post release monitoring that this kind of ‘soft release’ is the most successful way of returning our casualties to the wild. It is a safer way of giving them second chance. Please can you help us prepare safe homes for all our orphans this coming year?


With best wishes






Pauline Kidner

Charity Founder and Advisor

P.S. If you are able to donate £1000 and would like to speak  to me personally about how this money would  be used please telephone 01278 786701. . If you believe you may have suitable land for a release of orphans, please let Jamie know on 07488589959



Venue Hire

Nestled in the rural grounds of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, the picturesque Bluebell Barn offers a unique location for a variety of events. Whether you are looking for a meeting or training venue or an idyllic setting for your wedding or family celebration, the Bluebell Barn could offer you the ideal package.

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