Restricted services- 12/07/2024

July is our busiest month here at Secret World, we are currently inundated with animals at the centre, particularly orphans that require intensive one on one care. It is important that we prioritise the welfare of the animals already in our care and ensure we have the time and resources to best look after our current patients.

This means that for the time being we have made the difficult decision to temporarily prioritise wildlife in our immediate catchment area (within a 10-mile radius of centre) where there are no other rescue centres. Secret Word relies heavily on volunteers and this catchment area is where we are best supported.

If you are outside our 10-mile catchment area and need advice please find alternative rescues at

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our extremely dedicated wildlife carers, receptionists and volunteers who are working incredibly hard under unprecedented demand.

Rescue, rehabilitate, release

We are here 365 days a year to rescue sick, injured or orphaned wildlife across the south-west of England. Our Reception is open 6am till midnight, with out-of-hours advice available by phone. We rely entirely on the generosity of our supporters and receive no government funding; please consider making a donation to help save British wildlife.

Found an injured animal?

Please call our advice line on 01278 783250 if you have any concerns regarding injured wildlife before intervening. For more information, click below to read our ‘Wildlife Saver’ guide

2024 Charity Auction and Ball

Join us in raising money for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife with a biggest fundrasing event of the year.

Looking for a fun evening to hold your works Christmas party, well look no further!

Hosted at the Webbington Hotel there will be an auction, silent auction, DJ, live band and a fantastic 3-course dinner.

If you’re interested click the button below to get your early bird discounted tickets, hurry they won’t be available for long!


We offer an extensive education programme and create resources for all levels, from schoolchildren to vets. Our aim is to inspire in people a love of wildlife and encourage them to protect it.


Your donations and support help give sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife a second chance at life in the wild. Whether it’s a gift in your will, a donation of dog food, or a one-off cash donations, there are lots of ways to help. Click here to find out more.


Whether it’s an activity day on site, a wildlife talk, or a virtual fundraiser, there are lots of ways to get involved and find out more about our work. Click here to see all of our upcoming events and learning sessions.


Our work would not be possible without our amazing network of volunteers. We offer opportunities for all abilities, including animal care, maintenance and rescue drivers. Click here to see the many ways you can be part of our work.


July update: Help for Wildlife

Help for wildlife Secret World is working full pelt at the moment with all the rooms overflowing with birds calling for feeds and an assortment of bats, hedgehogs and weasels to name but a few. The badger and fox cubs are out in the enclosures and the fawns are in...

June update: Sunny Days for Snakes

Sunny days for snakes Lovely hot summer days are really good for finding basking snakes enjoying the summer warmth. We only have three snakes in this country and the smooth snake is not usually found in the Southwest as it tends to live more in the south. The ones...

May update: Is It Working?

Is it working? Our aim at Secret World Wildlife Rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate and release – giving the casualty a second chance in the wild. With adults, it’s easy because we always make sure that they return back to where they came from. So, if it’s a Blackbird...

David’s 24-hour line dance challenge

Another year, another fundraising challenge! Find out what I’m getting up to on 27th April and how you can get involved.

April update: Natures Miracles

The start of spring, and all arounds us the miracle of life takes place – often without us being aware. From a chrysalis emerging from the soil as a butterfly, hedgehogs and dormice coming out of hibernation ready to mate, to the sounds of different species of birds...

March update: The start of the baby bird season!

The Blackbird is usually the first of our garden birds that start to nest from early March onwards. That’s why they herald that season for us and as soon as it arrives, we know within a few months we will be in the middle of the ‘silly season’ with hundreds of mouths...

February update: Beavering around!

Well, it was bound to happen and a couple of months ago we had two otters reported in a overflow drain. One of our staff went to look at the problem and was surprised to find two juvenile beavers! Using a net, he was able to catch both beavers and return with them in...

January update: 2024 – The Year to Volunteer

With so many increases in prices, it is hard to think of helping charities by giving donations no matter what their aims and objectives are. However maybe you have some time to spare and that is invaluable to all charities? If you are able to volunteer a few hours...

December update: Don’t Forget Wildlife!

Don’t forget wildlife! It’s easy to forget wildlife with all the preparations for Christmas. It is an exciting time with many social visits as well as the constant worry of affording presents and even being able to send Christmas cards with the increase of postage...

November update: Prickly November

Prickly November It’s that time of year that animal lovers worry about their hedgehogs. Females who have had a late birth of hoglets will sometimes desert them as there is little time for them to get up to hibernation weight of 600gms. It is more important for them to...