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Our Learning Centre


Secret World's work has never been more vital.

Sir Terry Pratchett launches call of the Wild Appeal

We are the West Country's only 24-hour wildlife rescue service and a key source of wildlife education for the public. At a time when more and more of Britain's wildlife is becoming endangered and when even children are losing touch with nature Secret World wants to build a Wildlife and Heritage Learning Centre.

So please act now to help save our precious wildlife before it is too late.

Calling all those who care about nature and wildlife...

Whether an individual or an organisation, if you care about wildlife and the environment this is your chance to get involved. We urgently need your help to create a Wildlife Learning Centre.

Find out more about the fundraising events on offer or donate today.



A Wildlife and Heritage Learning Centre- the region's only guaranteed chance for children to see and learn about British wildlife close up

Today's child spends just 9% of their time outdoors. Nature is often seen as irrelevant, even frightening. What hope is there for the conservation of wildlife if this continues? Yet once children experience the wonder of wildlife close up all that changes. Lifelong concern and action can be bred.


With your help we can:

  • Build a new Wildlife Learning Centre in the heart of Secret World. This will be the first time children will be able to visit to see for example badgers, foxes, deer, hedgehogs, birds of prey close up,
  • Employ an Learning Officer to run programmes for school visits to Secret World and visits to their schools to share learning about wildlife and - because Secret World was once a dairy farm dating back to the 17the century - share learning about the heritage of Somerset Levels farming
  • Share valuable skills and support schools to run conservation projects to make a lasting difference to wildlife.

What your donation can buy:

  • £15 Inspiration for another child
  • £50 Animal information board
  • £100 Bird box with hidden camera to loan to schools
  • £300 Digital Display panel to view wildlife through hidden cameras
  • £1,000 Wildlife Education Packs for ten schools
  • £5,000 A ‘Wild’ experience for 3 more schools
  • £20,000 Helps fund an Education Officer and Assistant
  • £40,000 Build costs of the Activities Room or towards the cost of building a shop on site
"I have been teaching for nearly 30 years and I am amazed at how little knowledge children have about the wildlife around them. I would passionately like to see this change."

Head Teacher of local school

How you can help

Help us to build the new learning centre. To keep the current 24 hour rescue service and public education programmes running for the next 2 years. You can:


Last year Secret World rescued 5,500 animals and birds. Secret World rescues, treats, rehabilitates and releases these animals back to the wild and every year the numbers are rising.


Injured, sick and orphaned many animals, like this beautiful deer impaled on a garden fence, would have died slow and painful deaths without the kindness of members of the public who found them and called us for help.


It's time to help British wildlife

We can no longer take British wildlife for granted. Over 1 in 4 of all British native species is now officially endangered . That includes a third of our mammals, a hundred percent of our reptiles and a fifth of our best known birds. Loss of habitat is the number one cause - i.e. changes in land management, pollution, spreading towns and increased traffic.


50 years ago there were 30 million hedgehogs in Britain.
Today it is estimated that there are 1.1m and much of the decline has come in the past 10 years Some experts predict that unless we act they will be extinct in 10 years.[Source: 2011 State of Britain's Mammals study, produced by Oxford University experts for the People's Trust for Endangered Species]
"Pauline and I first met in 1989 when she was hand rearing her first badger cubs and I have been involved with the charity ever since. I wholeheartedly support the development of a Wildlife Teaching Hospital and Simon KingEducation Centre. This initiative will help ensure the valuable expertise that Pauline and her dedicated team of staff and volunteers have gained over the years will be passed on to future members of the veterinary profession and to animal carers. It will also make the public more aware of the need to protect our wildlife and their habitats too."

Simon King, OBE, Naturalist, author and broadcaster.

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