Surprise Baby Bat Born at Secret World

Staff at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill were surprised when one of the bats in their care gave birth.

The pipistrelle bat has been in the care of Secret World since December and was brought in having been disturbed from hibernation and found to be severely underweight – too underweight to be released immediately.

While the bat was recovering, staff were surprised by how many mealworms she was eating – double the amount for a bat her size and sex.


Legacy Day to Encourage Donations to Wildlife Charity

Following the successful launch of its Make a Will Week last year, Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset has partnered up with three local law firms to host a Legacy Day on Saturday 10th March.

In preparation for Secret World’s Make a Will Week (9th to 13th April), supporters are being invited to attend a Legacy Day to learn more about writing wills. Secret World will be serving cream teas and other refreshments throughout the afternoon and there will also be opportunities for visitors to meet the resident wildlife and hear about the work the charity does.


Gull avoids a sticky end

A curious gull caused much amusement for the staff at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.

A call came in from a concerned member of public who spotted a herring gull covered in blood at Isleport Business Park in Highbridge.

Response driver Graham Hardes rushed to the scene and managed to catch the gull, bringing him back to our centre.


Hearts melt as otter cub rescued

Rescued orphaned otter cub makes hearts melt at Secret World Wildlife Rescue
A tiny otter cub was rescued on Saturday (10th February) in Bridgwater, Somerset by Secret World Wildlife Rescue – the charity’s first otter cub of the year.
Hidden in reeds, the young cub had been calling for its mother since 5am, but its calls were becoming weaker.
Being only too aware of the bitterly cold weather and how long the cub had been calling, Laura Benfield, Head of Animal Care at Secret World, went with animal carer Sarah Tingvoll to assess the situation and rescue her if necessary. The cub was very feisty when she was rescued with nets but soon became very weak and tired after being left for so long. 


Love is in the Air for Batty Pair

Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day for a rare grey long-eared bat which was rescued in October by Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill.
The bat, named Gandalf by rescuers, is about to be released by the RSPCA with a new-found female companion, Merri. Gandalf and Merri were paired up together at RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Taunton and they will both be released together in the spring. 


Brave the fire for injured wildlife

People are being asked to take on the hottest walk of their lives in aid of a wildlife.

The New Year is often the time for resolutions and if you are looking to challenge yourself then look no further.

Secret World Wildlife Rescue, based in Highbridge, is running a sponsored fire walk in February. They are looking for brave souls to put their best foot forward and walk over red-hot wood embers of up to 800 degrees.