8 miles! 8 bloomin’ miles!

It’s less than 6 weeks to go until the half marathon, and so the training has been stepped up a gear. We’ve done the Brean run again (blimey those are some steep hills!), and I’ve also done a few 3 mile runs with the emphasis on incerasing my running speed. Innitially I wasn’t too concerned about what time I ran the half marathon in, but now that my confidence is on the up in terms of completing the run, my attention has turned to the fact that in the last twelve months two of my friends have run a half marathon and both have finished in times of less that two hours. So of course if I can come in with a comparable time it will be a nice bonus!

I'm hoping the half marathon will be less painful than the JOGLE!

I'm hoping the half marathon will be less painful than the JOGLE!

I’ve also done the five mile run again, this time in 48m30 which is a good sign in terms of my speed increasing. But, the highlight of the training so far came last night, when both Lisa and myself set of on an 8 mile run!!!!!! And we both finished it! I was really pleased to finish the whole thing without having to stop running at all, and my approximate time was 1hr 13 mins (I say approximate as I didn’t remember to set my stopwatch but I did check the time before I started my run). The time is pretty pleasing for my first 8 mile run, and at that pace (assuming I could maintain it for 13.1 miles) would be 1hr 59mins 30 secs…. so it’s there or there abouts!

I think the plan for the next few weeks will be one 8 mile run per week, and two other runs of between 3 and 5 miles… and then I think I’m going to try and complete at least one run of 10 miles before the half marathon on September 6th.

The other important update is of course that my justgiving page is very much live – thank you so much to anyone that has sponsored me already, and to anyone else who is thinking about it, even if you can only spare a couple of pounds it will make a difference to the animals that we are caring for.

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