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The Shrews should prove very popular at the Open Weekend

The Shrews should prove very popular at the Open Weekend

Friday June 19th

Newsletter completed and sent to the printers. The new fawn, Martin, did not like me this morning and refused his feed so I left him until the afternoon. I marched Albert off to the kennels for a clip ready for the hot weather.

I had to catch up with a couple of people about finances and our camera system this morning so it was lunchtime before I knew it. As promised I picked Albert up just after 2 p.m and doesn’t he look a posh dog!

Lisa was pleased with Chaela’s wound and Freckles has got used to being with her. They have started to nuzzle so I think they will be fine. They are both drinking well. Lisa has put a bandage on the wound and fixed it around the body. If it stays ok. It will save having to bother her every day.

Albert's new Hedgehog!

Albert's new Hedgehog!

The shrews are great in their outside pen, busy rooting around the wood chip and smelling out the fresh milk. I’m sure they will be popular at our open weekend which is only a week away now.

Some people have not been able to view our web cameras but not everyone. If you’re one of those – our apologies and it should be fixed after Monday.

The badger from Yeovil seems fine and Lisa has tattooed him so he can go tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll get back to the state of having at least one pen free for emergencies!

Polly and Little Miss Muffet are out in a pen now so no more frit cake crumbs everywhere! The welsh fox cub went back to have the pin taken out of his leg so should be coming back for his final rehab if all goes well.

We seem to have acquired 7 newly sheared sheep with 5 lambs. They were walking up the road so we have turned them into one of our paddocks. No doubt someone will be looking for them !

All fawns fed tonight – thank goodness.

Saturday July 20th

The morning was spent sorting our call outs. It’s always difficult at weekends as there are no office staff around and rarely anyone on reception so it puts extra pressure on the staff and volunteers that are in. Marie was trying her best to get animals off site that were ready to go. Gerald, our Highbridge ‘Swan Man’ brought a casualty in to us and was able to take 5 mallard ducks and a herring gull for release – the best part of his job, he said!

We found out who the sheep belonged to so they should be collected later today.

Chaela and Freckles seem to be getting on better now and I even saw what could be classed as a kiss!!

I managed to get one of our response drivers to go out to an injured peahen with 3 chicks. I told him ‘variety is the spice of life ‘ and one should always take on a challenge ! I’m very proud to say that he actually caught them all ! The peahen had been injured by a fox and has a bad would down the side of the body but she seems quite perky.

I managed to get everything ready for the concert in the evening. Two of our supporters are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary and the Strode Music Theatre Society, who they are members of, gave a concert in their honour and all funds were for Secret World. It was a lovely evening and a good crowd gathered to share the special event with Brian and Freda Williams.

We took the barn owl, Zazoo with us and I took a tank of Harvest mice who were really active as I had put fresh grasses in the tank for them to feed on. They put on a tremendous show climbing up and down the stems and eating the seeds. Sadly by the time it was intermission and everyone was looking at the tank, they were sound asleep. “Peaked to early” was David’s remarked – one of my volunteers – who was also a fellow sufferer from the cold wind ( he should have brought a jumper, it is only June ) Both myself and the volunteers who came to help me underestimated how cold it would get later in the evening and I have to admit to us all gathering around the corner of the church while the concert was on eating hot chips! I’m very pleased that the event raised over £1,000 which I am sure Brian and Freda will be very pleased with. They certainly deserved to raise that much as a huge amount of organising went into the event. No doubt Sunday was spent with their feet up – I hope so !!

By the end of the evening the Yeovil badger was back home and we then should have a spare pen to move the swan out of the parrot summer house tomorrow!

Chaela and Freckles kiss together

Chaela and Freckles kiss together

Sunday 21st June.

 Needed to get the otter pond scrubbed out first thing after I had done both sets of young deer. It takes nearly 30 minutes to get it clean and filling again. I got a phone call while I was out there from someone who had a hedgehog with a broken leg. They were too far to bring it to us as they had a busy day but could probably drop it in during the week. I suggested that if it had a broken leg then antibiotics and pain relief were fairly urgent and so it would be best if we got a response driver out to them.

 As I was out in the pond with no pen or paper, I said I would ring back once I was back in the house. Unfortunately when I did ring, I got answer phone so asked as a matter of urgency for them to ring me back with their address so we could sent someone out. There was no return call that day. Don’t people realise that wildlife feel pain??

 Even more upset after receiving a call from someone who is bringing in a hedgehog that some youths have used as a football. What is wrong with these people ??

As soon as it arrived it was obvious that it was badly injured so it was taken straight to the vets and x-rayed where they found it had a broken back. Evidently some youths at 4 a.m. woke some people with a lot of shouting and foul language and sadly they were to witness the kicking of the hedgehog from their window. Beyond help the hedgehog was put to sleep.

Managed to do some gardening – front garden almost straight. It was a lovely sunny day but that always means watering! By the time Derek and I had tidied up after our gardening activities and I fed the deer, Tikka, otter cub and medications, the lamb chops had been in the oven fro 2 hours. Never mind, I like them crispy and it can’t be that bad for you to be eating 10 p.m. surely!!

Monday June 22nd

A very upset lady from Weston super Mare telephones to tell me a main badger sett has been destroyed. There had been between 5 and 8 entrances and they had all been filled in and flattened with no sign of life. They had found pieces of skin and badger hair. I passed this on to the Somerset Badger Group.

Not more than half an hour later another lady in tears as she had been feeding foxes for over 11 years. The two that visited now have cubs. A neighbour does not share her interest and is campaigning with neighbours to get them destroyed.

Then we called the lady who had phoned about the hedgehog with the broken leg yesterday; sadly the hedgehog died this morning. Lets just hope it wasn’t in too much pain over the previous 24 hours.

What with this, yesterdays tales and other incidents of casualties with gunshot wounds, I write up a press release to see if I can get some coverage. Wildlife are constantly put under pressure by our way of life and its time they were given respect and care that they deserve.

We changed the bandage on Chaela today and the wound is still looking good. Marie managed to keep her quiet while I cleaned the wound by letting her suck her neck. Marie is now sporting the largest love bite on her neck you’ve ever seen. I just hope her partner Jed believes the story !!

I took Freckles for a walk around the field today and Derek the roe, had a charge around the garden this evening. It’s such a privilege to care for them.

Chaela's wound is looking okay

Chaela's wound is looking okay

The night bell has just rung ( it nearly 11 p.m. ) and a lady has kindly brought in a young watervole. She managed to wrestle with the next doors cat and get it before it was too injured. It’s the second one that she has brought in to us. I put it in a tank with some food but it’s looking quite bright. I can’t believe how full the hospital room is again – we did have it looking as if there was some space this morning but obviously a lot has come in during the day. It’s baby gull time so the smell of fish is fairly strong !!

Just finishing this off and it’s time to feed the roe kids in the kitchen before going to bed.

Not the best of days.

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