Autumn 2017 Raffle winners announced

Secret World’s Annual Autumn Raffle winners are:

First Prize:

Miss S Evans (Reading); ticket no. 071470


Mrs M Smith (Bristol); ticket no. 033484

Mr T Burford (North Somerset); ticket no. 036019

Mrs P Higgins (Hampshire); ticket no. 079484

Ms S Sharp (Bristol); ticket no. 048126

Mrs E McLellan (Weston-Super-Mare); ticket no. 028224

Mrs L Parfitt (Wells); ticket no. 047091

Mrs J. Buttle (Bridgwater); ticket no. 054011

Ms S King (Weston-Super-Mare); ticket no. 028142

Mrs Burrows (Bridgwater); ticket no. 052571

Ms C Laycock (Weston-Super-Mare); ticket no. 034790


The draw took place on Tuesday 19th December 2017 and all winners will be notified by post.

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